Private individuals 

We take care of official matters for you

Bosnia and Herzegovina a beautiful country with
many tourist attractions, beautiful nature, good food
and friendly people.
Only paperwork in Bosnia and Herzegovina can spoil
your day. Finding the institution may be easy but
filling out forms could be a problem. Especially if
they are written in Cyrillic.
In such cases, “Eil servis” helps you to prepare
everything in advance, fill out forms and take certain
routes for you. So you avoid unnecessary waiting.
This is very time-saving and helps you to settle in
quickly and carefree.

We make all the calls you want

You need certain information or have questions on the
spot. We make phone calls for you and make all
necessary inquiries for you.

Maybe they need help of a completely different
nature, maybe not mentioned above, and we’ll see
what we can do for you.

We can help you find an apartment

We are looking for an apartment for you or if you are
looking for we check it on your behalf. Send you a
photo and give you our impression of the property. We
can also negotiate the rental for you. So no one can
take advantage of you. People from abroad like to be
charged more.
If you want to buy a property, we can help you with