Business individuals

Help with business​

You are already active in Bosnia and Herzegovina or
would like to work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In
Bosnia and Herzegovina, not everything works as it
does in the USA, Canada, Australia and Great Britain.
Nevertheless, you can do good business in Bosnia and
You want a quick look at certain situations. We will 
then be on site quickly and let you know quickly. Eil 
servis is your extended arm. We are quickly on site 
wherever you want and give you an insight into the 
current situation.

Help with correspondence in writing or by phone

Would you like us to handle your correspondence in
writing or by phone?
“Eil servis” helps you translate documents and hold
targeted discussions for you. We are not an official
translator. We can work with them on request. At your
request, we can prepare all the necessary
documentation for you.

Organize business meetings, visits and larger events.

Good organized preparation for business meetings,
visits and larger events is half the job. Would you like
us to accompany you at business meetings or prepare
them for you? We find adequate locations for the meeting.
You want to visit objects or other companies,
we help you to get important information in advance.
Concerts, congresses or larger meetings are no
problem. We help in the preparation. On request, we
can help you find hotels or apartments in the
surrounding area.

Telephone customer care in the USA, Canada, Australia and Great Britain

You have a customer base in the German-speaking area or in the English-speaking area. You want your customers to beregularly informed about new products or services.
Telephone customer support has many advantages. Your products or services remain in the customer’s memory. We look after customers in friendly and relaxed conversations. With thegoal You are important to us the customer should see and feel that we are responding to the wishes of our customers. Only satisfied customers remain customers.
The difference between small and large companies is that, small companies have a small customer base, large companies have a large customer base. And you will agree with us, losing a customer is quick, keeping a customer is more difficult. Regular and targeted customer care means that none of our customers is forgotten. And we keep all of our customers. If you work with us, they have no employee costs. We
work by fee agreement.
We do not put any pressure on our customers.

Eil service creates your website

Eil servis ”creates your own website for you. In
several languages on request. The advantage of having your own website makes it accessible to the whole world.
 Presents your products and services and puts your company in the right light.
 Helps them build cross-border sales.
And much more!