Your problem is our problem. We solve our problems, we solve your problems too!

Eil services

Our company “Eil servis” is a start-up company. We work in a family environment. We are 100% partners to our customers. Our company is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Doboj area. 


Our logo is an orange. Maybe you are wondering why an orange. Oranges are full of vitamins and very healthy. This is exactly how we work in a healthy environment. The orange color is refreshing and has a positive effect on work. We want to pass on a
positive business climate to our customers. Solving problems in and from Bosnia and
Herzegovina maybe your problem seems to be difficult or impossible to solve. Our company “Eil servis” helps to solve problems. We solve your problems. Customer
support with specific requests in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We look after customers from Bosnia and Herzegovina in German-speaking countries and in English-speaking countries. Our company has many years of experience in customer support. This applies to companies as well as to private individuals. We would like to pass on the refreshing and positive effect of oranges and their color to our customers. We want you as our customer to have these characteristics “refreshing” and “positive” for others and design your customized website for you. No matter whether private or business of your own website helps you to be even more successful and dynamic.